Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My mind is boggled with creative ideas, I have no idea what I am doing and am looking at endless inspiration. I think the problem is that the project I'm working on is about defining my own personal ambitions, style and taste, therefore it's pretty personal and I think I am demanding a lot of myself!

In other intimidating news, there is a Huntsman Spider (the joys of Australia) outside my bedroom sitting on the hand railing of the stairs. It's freaking me out and not to mention confining myself to only the left most side of the upstairs in my house!

Imagery via A Well Travelled Woman, They All Hate Us, Lyla & Blu

I've found myself recently steering away from fashion blogs and more towards lifestyle blogs - I like them better because I feel like they're less superficial, more personal and they find the beauty in the most mundane of things. P.s OMGOSHHIFHIFh, I think I found my dream floor furnishings - see above! ahhhh

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