Saturday, March 31, 2012

Caught My Eye

Hope you had a lovely week-end, here are some things that have captured my attention.

I'm a big fan of liquid eyeliner when I bother wearing make-up, however sometimes I feel like it is a bit over the top. This is the perfect solution to that bit of make-up you need to feel presentable, without being too forced. It also gives you a little character with it's minimalism. Estée Lauder makes an amazing eye-liner called Double Wear. I always forget I am wearing eye make-up and rub my eyes or whatever and end up looking like a panda. Estée Lauders eyeliner is so good that it doesn't smudge at all, even if I touch it. For real. Life-saver for a klutz like me.

A lovely coat - it is feminine and fitted. I never placed much emphasis on a overcoat because in Sydney it never gets cold enough to require one, but while in Italy it was my best friend in winter. The only thing this coat needs is a big collar, but would that ruin it's refinement?

What an amazing set up for visual identity. I'm currently doing a subject that focuses on designing our own identity and this beyond amazing to me. It completely confronts the concept behind the profession so that it is not only is a design on a business card and letterhead, but almost a stage with props. The added elements of cheese and wine etc gives a more holistic idea. Even though design can be clever, nothing replaces the tangibility of the real object or product in this instance. PS how cute is the melted lids on the wine bottles.

Images via Lyla & Blu and Vanessa Jackman

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