Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fill Me Up!

I am 100 times more likely to buy an item of clothing or accessory if it has pockets or even better... unexpected pockets (my old school blazer had an inside pocket that had a zipper - amazing, nothing has lived up to it's brilliance thus far). I like to be organised so having a sneaky pocket to conceal the amount of crap I carry around with me is great. I love the perfect balance of function & form.

A wedding dress with pockets!! soooo gooood.

PS How much better do photographed poses look with pockets; "I'm posing...but I'm not trying hard cause I'm so relaxed and effortlessly cool putting my hand in a pocket" - it's true, no?

Images via A Well Traveled Woman, Lyla & Blu, They All Hate Us and

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