Sunday, October 2, 2011

Personal Style PtII

The Care-Free/(oh look what I just whipped up!) look. I think this is very French. Its great and appears comfortable. A little bit boyish, one part playful. Sometimes I pride myself on being able to pull it off, but othertimes I find myself just looking either drab or very ordinary/underwhelming.

Colour Block - Colour Block is bad ass but I find that it sometimes screams 'look at me' a little too loudly. I think it's best done when mixed with some darker tones.

Minimalism - No to be confused with The Care-Free. This one I associate with Stockholm and a love for great silhouettes - but not much else. Enviably great, without pushing it too much.

Via Life of Boheme, Gary Pepper Vintage & Columbine Smille

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