Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm In love With A Criminal

Seriously lacking inspiration as I try and get through this last mountain of university work before holidays...(2 French exams, one 60% hand in and 2 other design hand ins..ahh!) I can't describe how excited I am for holidays. I am planning to get on top of a lot of 'life' things, because at the moment I really don't have time. For example, doing an major overhaul of all my possessions. I am going to get rid of the fat, so to speak. I am in swimming in stupid possessions that it makes me sick how materialistic it is. Last time I tried to do it I was a whip and made heaps of excuses of 'what if further down the line I need it', not this time!

Domenica Musica: It is Sunday so here is a song to relax and get ready for the working week with...

Love the above image! Reminds me of when I was a little brat and had broken my wrist. The doctor told me I shouldn't do any strenuous activity... so what did I do all day with my friend? Handstand competitions! When I got the cast off, apparently it had "healed perfectly" :)

Beautiful colour wheel! I am currently obsessed with different blues that conjure up the idea of the ocean.

I have posted the final image before but I just rediscovered it and it is still is as wild and beautiful.. Would love to know who painted it.

Images via Lyla & Blu, A Well Travelled Woman, I Like It Here and Love Aesthetics.

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