Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Backkkk

Sup? Just back from the most amazing trip. I went to Belgium and the Netherlands visiting the cities Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Den Haag. I adored Belgium, especially Brussels. It's weird because I never would of thought to travel there had the flights not been ridiculously cheap. Keep it on the down low, but Brussels may be competing with Paris? It was no where near as pretty but it was so inspiring and I really loved the culture there. I will speak more about each city individually later on and show you guys some photos, but for right now = I spent a good part of the day catching up on blogs so here's what I'm digging!

 I like these, but there is something off about the shape of them, I feel like they need to be refined. Is it just me? Otherwise, they are fabulous.
I actually I have no urge for the new Ksubi Kolors, sorryyyy. In fact I still have a pair of red ones from their last colour phase that I now despise. However, lovvvvee this photo, and the whole art direction for the promotion video (except the music they use).

Okay, so from being in Milan I have come to loathe sneaker heels, they are FOUL FOUL FOUL. Why is everyone wearing them over there? But I just saw these online and perhaps I should eat my words? I'm still hung up.. they look kinda cool? The ones I've been seeing are nana sneaker-shoes (you know the terrible ones that come in grey, beige and black) on heels, BLEUGH. These are cool? I'm such a sucker for that lemon yellow colour at the moment too. I've actually just been told that when my housemate sees that colour, she thinks of me. haha.
 Mini Celine, I do love you. I really have a thing for green accessories at the moment. POP!

I'm yet to buy anything in this colour... but I also really like the red wine colour mixed with darks or greys.

The Prada skirt again, although I prefer it in yellow.

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