Saturday, February 19, 2011


I've been wearing my loyal Converse All Blacks around Bologna, but since they're about 10000 years old,  they leak water in them when it's raining or snowing and then I get really cold feet! Not good. I was a little hesitant about looking for some new boots as 1) I'm not really a boot wearer 2) I have a pair of boots I'm in love with (you can see them here), but I left them at home because I didn't have any weight left over for them (20kg weight limit to pack enough stuff to sustain me for a year = my idea of hell). It turns out after almost not being able to feel my toes after a some-what gloomy day here in Bologna, I decided I needed to go buy a pair of boots. I came back with the most impractical pair of boots for wet weather ever - suede boots. Though I am in love and they are super comfy and were less than half price. The other good news is that the sun is out and Bologna is so lovely at the moment!

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