Thursday, February 10, 2011


Italian fashion is lame. No seriously, unless I want to spend 300 Euro and up (I'm a student with no income, living off savings for a year in Italy) I haven't been like "I.Must.Have" the whole time I've been here.  Very disappointed. Though I have discovered my all time favourite pasta Parpadelle alla Chiantigiani, beyond great. It rivals the amazing Beetroot Casunziei Pompei's in Bondi, Australia. Yes, I'm in Italy and I still rate it as possibly the best pasta I've ever had. In fact my housemate and I went shopping today and found Casunziei that looked like it was filled with pink stuff  called Rape Rosse, not the prettiest name but we assumed beetroot, and we were right. My housemate is also familiar with the amazing Beetroot Casunziei at Pompei's so we recreated it with it's butter sauce and sage. Yum, so good!.

Casunziei alle rape rosse con burro e salvia sono le mie paste preferite. 

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