Sunday, December 19, 2010


My friend Amy was recently talking to me about the daunting task of buying some summer denim shorts. There seems to be a trend of really short shorts this summer - usually distressed beyond belief and some even costing more than a pair of jeans. Amy told me she had searched high and low for some comfortable shorts that still had some edge. The choice is either, go to General Pants and buy some really overpriced shorts that require your butt cheeks to hang out from the edge, or go to somewhere like Sussan's and buy denim shorts that go down to the knee. A prude or a slag? Oh what options! It got to the point where Amy would have to walk into a store and ask the sales assistant, "Do you have any shorts that won't make your ass hang out the bottom?". It's a joke. I was lucky enough to buy a perfect pair of shorts in the winter because I knew I would have some trouble when it came to the crunch time in the summer. I'm glad to say Amy had a happy ending and found a lovely pair of shorts too.

The good:

The Bad:

 These I would actually like if they weren't so short.


  1. hahahah this is great! the dilema; either a prude or a slag...always a slag!

  2. aww you figured out how to comment, very proud!