Wednesday, December 29, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things (part I)

Le mie cose preferite...

So I started packing for my big 1 year trip to Italy today and therefore went through my entire wardrobe. It's really hard to prioritise what to take, because I know I'll buy stuff when I'm over there/don't want to need more clothes as I arrive in Winter/don't want to ruin my good clothes/need my bag to be under the 23 kg limit! I've put together my favourite items from my wardrobe, they are my personal best of's.
 My Betsey Johnson cardigan. It's nostalgic, cute and comfy.
 My suede blue jacket, I love the colour and the zips make it a bit rocker. It was on sale from Urban Outfitters
I used to have a big obsession with blue birds. My mum bought me this, its little embroidered blue birds that have been sewn together, with little gaps in between each one. From Incu on sale.
 My absoloute bargain find in London. 8 pounds for the suede blue skirt in a retro shop near Seven Dials. 
 A top I bought at a shrine market in Tokyo. Around 30$
I end up in Cheap Monday quite a bit now as I've found out I'm their female sample size, so out the back you can buy all the jeans in the one sample size for 50 dollars. I love these jeans, they are a bit weird and I was so unsure if I liked them - but now I've fallen in love and so glad I purchased them. 
 Another London bargain from the Brick Lane markets, 5 pounds for this.  The white bits are actually grey velvet and the black is sheer. Its a bit weird, but again I love it.

I was 'umming' and 'ahhing' over this one for a while in TopShop. Its a T-shirt, but its so great because it's silk and has all these unusual quirks about it, so glad I bought it. I wear it to death. I particularly love the subtlety of the colours and the slit on the lower back.

To be continued..

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