Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dream On

I am currently really obsessed with this video clip 'Fall' by The Presets. The video is done by the guys over at Collider and it features the Kim and Julian-masked French champion free-dive team doing their thing over Costa Brava in Spain. That moment when they jump out of the plane...beautiful and euphoric...

In other news, this is my wish list. More of a reminder to me...let me indulge.

1. Daniel Wellington wristwatch (gold & silver - I can't decide!)
I need an everyday watch. I have one with two clock faces that I adore from Antwerp in Belgium, but it is a bit too fragile for my everyday life.

2. R.M. Williams Boots
I think these would be the best investment. Durable, look great and can wear with anything. I really want a pair to travel in and to replace my old boots that are pretty shabby. They are extremely steep in price if you ask me, but I think they will last forever and won't really go out of style. The Craftsman or Yearling, Black of Brown? I don't know.

3. Film Camera.
Now that I got my DSLR purchase of the way I want a film camera - thankfully a lot cheap! I need to do more research over what one I want but maybe a Pentax Spotmatic, Olympus Trip or Canon Program AE1.

4. Britta Sandal
I have to admit I hated clogs when they were the rage. Chunky, clunky, bulky and just obstructive. I don't know why but I've really warmed to these shoes and they'd go great with 'my' cigarette pants seen below. Navy or Natural coloured, I'm not sure. Probably Navy. You can purchase these from Nordic Fusion.

5. Philosykos Diptique Roll-on Perfume Oil
I'm allergic to synthetic fragrances so finding a perfume that I like is hard, lucky for me Diptique uses essential oils. I've come to love roll-on perfumes because I always forget to apply perfume at home. Roll-on perfumes are small and fit easily into any handbag or clutch, roll it on and you're good to go!

6. Cigarette Pants
These ones are nice by Thomsen Paris on My Chameleon.

Images via Daniel Wellington, My Chameleon, Nordic Fusion, R.M.Williams, and Wikipedia.

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