Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Decisions

Recently I got informed by my university that could graduate at the end of this year if I wanted to, due to the induction of a new design degree that only goes for 3 years and then 1 year more is optional to attain honours (which includes a major project). 

I am so tempted to graduate this year! But I really haven't mentally planned myself to graduate in 2 months! I would also like a major project to design and invest my time in. However I would really like to be done with my degree and work! Lots and lots of things to consider!

On another note, my phone is riddled with photographs of artwork details so that I can later go look them up. This is one of them from aagggesss ago, Rebecca Dagnall, when she was featured in the photography gallery on Oxford Street. I couldn't find any higher res photographs, which is such a shame because her work really needs to be seen large. They're beautiful and creepy photographs of trees that have been manipulated. This series is called "There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble in the trees".

Images via Turner Galleries

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