Thursday, January 27, 2011

mi dispiace!

Okay, forgive me. I've been in Italy for officially a week now, which means no regularly posting. This week has been a total whirlwind, I had a lot of problems with my flight, basically British Airways unlawfully refused me entry on to my flight because of my visa (which was perfectly fine), it was a complete ordeal and I had to get my bag pulled off the plane as I had already checked it, and I felt so stupid because I had said my goodbyes for a year and cried, and then I actually didn't even leave! Then it was an absoloute mission trying to get BA to convince they were in the wrong. I arrived in Italy safely withe Singapore Airlines, but as I got my train from Milano to Bologna, I apparantly didn't get a seat, so I sat on the floor. Arriving at Bologna Station and I had to wait 2 hours for a taxi in the snow. I get to my hotel and they tell my booking has a problem and send me off to another hotel... the problems continue but I will not bore you any longer.

Bologna is a great little city, it has the most beautiful churches that will blow your mind. I've found that behind every door there is something beautiful there. There is plenty of cute cafes, the food is dirt cheap, there is a nutella cafe and Zara, what more could a girl need?
There is one street called Via Drappiere (I think that's how you spell it) that is picture perfect Italian; vegetable street vendors, delis with their handing cured meats and cheeses, wine stores, chocolate stores - the lot. So far my favourite street. I've had a peak at my future apartment. It's very small but very cute and close to the main streets in Bologna.

I'm now in Florence, I have fallen inlove. It's a much smaller city than I thought it would be - it's good, it's manageable but still has so much to discover. My hostel is right next to the duomo which is the most amazing church. We're planning to walk to the top today - somebody give me strenght! I've seen the statue of David, The Birth of Venus, Spring, The Bascilica of Santa Croce with MichaelAngelo's Tomb, and Gallileos, I've walked a long the Fiume, been to the San Lorenzo Markets, the Pitti Palace and H&M, pretty much done Florence.

One thing that I've been disapointed about in Italy so far is the shopping. Yes there is Zara, yes there is H&M, yes there is Prada. Though I wanted something different, something I can't buy at home. There's plenty of shops that are the equivalent to Just Jeans or similar, and then plenty of high-end Dolce & Gabbana and such that I clearly can't afford. There was one shop in Florence that left me completely inspired, it was called Louisa Via Roma. Ah-mazing. Filled with Christopher Kane, Balmain, Diore Homme etc. Luxury shopping that my budget could only cater to on a special day. Just looking at the clothes was totally mind blowing and I wanted it all! The shoes -ahh. There was also a cute vintage boutique right on the river that I might revisit today.Very sweet.

Okay, well that's all I've got time for on hostel internet, sorry if I bored you. Sorry for the lack of photos, I will be posting them very shortly when I move in to my apartment on the first of Feb!

Baci x

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